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The general purpose of the W4 from your employee:

By Roger Chartier

If you get an Internal Revenue Service W4 from your employer, you fill it out so as to give the employer the information that he/she needs to withhold the right amount of taxes from your paycheck. As an employer, you will need to get a W4 from your employee.

Here is an overview of the purpose and use of the IRS W4 from the worker.

Exemption from withholding:  If you are exempt now the exemption expires usually in the early part of the next year. See Publication 505

You cannot claim an exemption from withholding if ... read more.

Are you the head of the household?

If so then generally you can claim head of household status... read more.

If you need a blank W4 Form go here.
If you want an employee to have it so that you can get it completed and get the W4 from them here is where you or they can download the current
Internal Revenue Service W4 Form.

Tax Credits:

Consider that you can take projected tax credits into account when you figure your allowable number of withholding allowances ...  read more

Non Wage Income

Do you have a lot of non-wage income? If by chance you are lucky enough (my opinion) to have a large amount of non-wage income... read more.

Two Earners or Multiple Jobs:
If you have a spouse who works or if you work multiple jobs figure the total number of allowances you are entitled to claim on all jobs... read more.

Non-Resident Alien:

If you are a non-resident alien see IRS Notice 1392 for information about how to proceed.

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Check Your Withholding

After you submit your IRS form W4 and it takes effect look at the IRS Publication 505 to see how the amount that you are withholding compares to the projected total tax for 2012. This applies especially if your income is higher than $130,000. for a single person or $180,00.00 if you are married.

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